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Moving Image Work-Level Records Task Force


This task force will investigate and make recommendations on issues related to FRBR-based work-level records for moving image materials, including, but not limited to:


  • Identifying characteristics of moving image works (possibly with some indication of relative importance) that should be included in work-level records and creating operational definitions of these characteristics.
  • Identifying potential sources of information about these characteristics and examining the reliability of these sources.
  • Examining existing bibliographic records to identify places where work-level information might be recorded and investigating the possibility of extracting information from pools of existing bibliographic records to create provisional work-level records.

Summary of the Task Force's Reports and Recommendations for Moving Image Works (July 2010).

Report and Recommendations for Moving Image Works, Parts 1-2:
Part 1: Moving Image Work Definition and Boundaries
Part 2: Core Attributes and Relationships
(January 2009)
Operational Definitions (August 2009)
Report and Recommendations for Moving Image Works, Part 4:
Extracting Work-Level Information from Existing MARC Manifestation Records (April 2009 )
Comparison of Selected Extracted MARC Data with External Sources (August 2009)

Working documents:

Some Thoughts on Work Records for Moving Images

Task Force Members:

Kelley McGrath, Chair
Susannah Benedetti
Lynne Bisko
Greta de Groat
Ngoc-My Guidarelli
Jeannette Ho
Nancy Lorimer
Scott Piepenburg
Thelma Ross
Walt Walker

David Miller, advisor
Jay Weitz, advisor
Martha Yee, advisor

Karen Gorss Benko (2008)
Scott M. Dutkiewicz (2008)


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