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Video Language Coding Best Practices Task Force

This task force will create a set of best practices for coding MARC 008 and 041 language information for videos, especially DVDs, and will use that exercise to examine whether any changes could be made to the MARC format (coding or directions) that would improve access to the multiple types of language information found on videos.

Draft Best Practices and Recommendations (PDF Document) (Oct. 2007)

Video Language Coding: Best Practices (PDF Document) (Sept. 2012)

OLAC has submitted a proposal based on the task force's recommendations for changes to the MARC 21 bibliographic format to LC's Network Development and MARC Standards Office. The final draft of best practices is pending until after this proposal has been discussed by MARBI.

2006-2007 Task Force Members:

Kelley McGrath, Chair
Cindy Badilla-Melendez
Susan Leister
Katia Strieck
Carolyn Walden


2012 Task Force Members:

Kelley McGrath, Chair
Karen Gorss Benko
Irina Stanishevskaya
Carolyn Walden

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