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Nancy B. Olson Award

The annual Nancy B. Olson award (formerly called "OLAC Award") recognizes and honors a librarian who has made significant contributions to the advancement and understanding of audiovisual cataloging. The Awards Committee selects a recipient based on nominations received, subject to approval by the Executive Board at the midwinter meeting.
Eligibility for nomination is as follows:

  • Nominees may be OLAC members, but membership in the organization is not a requirement.
  • The nomination must be accompanied by a statement that provides supporting evidence of the nominee's qualifications.
  • The nominations and statement(s) must be postmarked no later than November 15, and must be received by the Award Committee Chair no later than December 1.
  • Nominees shall have made contributions to audiovisual cataloging by:
    • Furthering the goals of standardization of AV and/or computer file cataloging, including MARC coding and tagging;
    • Interpreting AV and/or computer file cataloging rules and developing policies on organization for these materials on the national and/or international levels;
    • Promoting the understanding of AV and/or computer file cataloging, coding and data exchange by professionals unfamiliar with these materials and processes.

The award recipient will receive an engraved plaque containing an inscription recognizing his/her special contribution to the field.
The Nancy B. Olson award shall be administered by an Awards Committee, consisting of three OLAC members, no more that two of whom may be members of the OLAC Executive Board. The past OLAC President shall chair the Awards Committee. The OLAC President shall sign the letter of presentation and present the award to the recipient at the OLAC annual membership meeting.
List of Recipients:

Mary Huismann 2015 
Kelley McGrath 2013
Bobby (Robert) Bothmann 2012
Greta de Groat, 2011
Julie Renee Moore, 2010 
Paige G. Andrew, 2009
Mary Lynette Larsgaard, 2007
no award, 2006
Jay Weitz, 2005
Ann Caldwell, 2004
Jean R. Weihs, 2003
no award, 2002
no award, 2001
no award, 2000
Sheila A. Smyth, 1999 (first recipient of the newly named Nancy B. Olson Award)
John Attig, 1998
Sue Neumeister, 1997
no award, 1996
Laurel Jizba, 1995
no award, 1994
Ann Sandberg-Fox, 1993
Glenn Patton, 1992
Catherine Leonardi, 1991
Richard Thaxter, 1990
no award, 1989
Sheila Intner, 1988
Verna Urbanski, 1987
Nancy Olson, 1986 (OLAC Founder Award)

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