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DVD/Blu-Ray Disc RDA Guide Task Force

This task force will revise the DVD/Blu-ray Disc Cataloging Guide for use with RDA.
Task Force Members:

  • William Anderson (2012-13) Connecticut State Library
  • Lloyd Chittenden (2012-15) Fort Lewis College
  • Cyrus Ford (2012-13) University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Mary Huismann (2013-15, chair) University of Minnesota
  • Douglas King (2012-13) University of South Carolina
  • John Lavalie (2012-13) Des Plaines Public Library
  • Peter Lisius (2012-13) Kent State University
  • Nancy Lorimer (2012-13) Stanford University, Music Library
  • Julie Renee Moore (2012-15) California State University, Fresno
  • Lori Murphy (2012-13) DePaul University
  • Laurie Neuerburg (2014-15) Victoria College/University of Houston-Victoria
  • Anchalee “Joy” Panigabutra-Roberts (2012-14) American University at Cairo
  • Scott Piepenburg (2012-13) University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Diane Robson (2012-13, chair) University of North Texas
  • Walter Walker (2012-15) Loyola Marymount University
  • Iris Wolley (2012-15) Columbia University


  • Greta de Groat Stanford University
  • Kelley McGrath University of Oregon
  • Jay Weitz OCLC Online Computer Library Center


  • Marcia Barrett University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Julie Renee Moore California State University, Fresno


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