Faceted, Work-Centric Moving Image Discovery Interface Demonstration

Faceted, Work-Centric Moving Image Discovery Interface Demonstration

OLAC (Online Audiovisual Catalogers) has been investigating the potential of the FRBR model and a work-centric approach to improve access to moving images for some time. I am looking for someone to make a basic but functional demonstration end-user interface for moving images that is focused on FRBR works and that offers faceted navigation using the sample data below. Ideally, this will be developed with open source tools such as MySQL, Solr and Lucene. I have some ideas about what the interface might look like (see below) and am looking for someone to put up something quick and dirty, but functional and interactive so people can get a better idea of how this might work. This may not turn out to be anything like what would work for a final user interface, but I am hoping that it will make the potential for a FRBR-based, faceted approach clear. I am not looking for anything fancy from a design point of view--black text on white background is fine.

OLAC has agreed to fund $1500 to be awarded to the individual(s) who successfully completes this project.

There are several documents on this page that provide background information about what I am looking for. If, after looking these over, you think you have the skills and time and are interested in taking on this project, please contact me as described at the bottom of this page.

  • MIWDemoData100920 - This file includes the sample data in Microsoft Access format, which should be portable to whatever database we end up using. The data includes only selected, representative fields and the data modeling has been simplified from what would be necessary for a real application. There is a form called Works which should give you some idea of the relationships between the four main tables (LargerWorks, Works, Man, and LibrariesArchives). The fields associated with each level are outlined in a different color on the form. Note that you have to use the arrows at the bottom of the manifestation section to page through the individual manifestations.


  • MIWDemoScreenshotIdeas - This shows generally what I would like interface to look like and the functionality I would like it to have.


  • MIWDemoFields - This is a list of the tables and fields in the database with brief explanations.