NACO-AV Funnel Project

The NACO-AV funnel is a group of libraries that have joined together to contribute authority records for audiovisual materials to the national authority file. For more information on the Funnel Project see the following links:


E-Mail Discussion List

Hosted by the University of Akron, NACO-AV is an un-moderated list intended primarily as a forum for announcements and discussion among contributors to the NACO-AV Funnel. All OLAC members are welcome to subscribe to this list. Non-members of OLAC are not allowed to subscribe to the list. David Procházka is the primary list moderator and Peter Lisius is the backup moderator. If you'd like to subscribe, send an automated email message. You should then receive an "Are you sure?" message. From there, just follow the directions.


AV Authority Tools

670 (Sources found) in name authority records (NARs) for NACO FAQ