Joint Task Force on Best Practice Guidelines for Cataloging Playaways


By June 2007, examine the descriptive issues surrounding descriptive cataloging of Playaway devices ( in the context of AACR2 and create best practices guidelines, including those that specifically address the GMD, SMD and system details note; review the RDA/ONIX framework ( and the new draft of RDA Chapter 3 to assess how proposed changes in descriptive practice affect Playaways.

Revised timeline:

  1. By end of August: best practice guidelines for AACR2, including GMD, SMD & system details note
  2. By early November: impact of the above when moving to RDA (RDA/ONIX framework, RDA Chapter 3, etc.)

This is a joint task force with the Descriptive Cataloging Subcommittee of the Bibliographic Control Committee of the Music Library Association. 

Guide to Cataloging Playaway DevicesBased on AACR2r Chapters 6 and 9 (PDF Document)

Playaways and RDA : Summary of relevant sections from RDA Chapters 3, 6, and 7 (PDF Document)

Task Force Members:

Heidi Frank (OLAC/CAPC), Chair
Bill Anderson (OLAC/CAPC)
Joe Bartl (MLA/SDC)
Robert Freeborn (MLA/SDC & OLAC)
Jay Weitz (OLAC & MLA)